Trip Planner

The OpenAI Trip Planner plugin is a powerful tool that allows users to easily generate detailed itineraries for their trips. The plugin utilizes the OpenAI API to generate high-quality itineraries based on the user’s prompts. The plugin is easy to install and use, and comes with a variety of options to customize the itinerary generation process.

To get started with the plugin, simply install it on your WordPress site and navigate to the settings page. Here, you will be able to enter your OpenAI API key and customize the settings to suit your needs. Once the plugin is set up, you can use the shortcode [openai_itinerary] to add the itinerary generator to your pages or posts.

Users can then enter their trip details, such as the destination, duration, and number of travelers, into the prompt box and click the “Generate Itinerary” button. The plugin will then use the OpenAI API to generate a detailed itinerary based on the user’s prompt. The generated itinerary will be displayed on the page and can be easily shared with friends and family.

In addition to generating itineraries, the plugin also tracks the number of itineraries generated per day, and will display a message when the daily quota is reached. This helps to prevent abuse of the API and ensures that all users have a fair chance to generate their own itineraries.

Overall, the OpenAI Trip Planner plugin is a valuable tool for any website that wants to offer trip planning services to its users. It is easy to install and use, and provides high-quality itineraries that are sure to make any trip a success. So, if you want to offer trip planning function to your site or visitors, you should give this plugin a try.

There is only one time cost and no recurring charges to use this plugin on your wordpress site. Only other expense is the API usage (which is very minimal) that you need to pay directly to Open AI.